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captioned by the national captioning institute supervisor chu: hello, welcome to the regular meeting of the sf set francisco transportation authority plans and programs. i am joined by commissionsupervr dufty: supervisor mirkarimi: -- supervisor mirkarimi. item number two, please. >> item #2, approval of the meeting minutes from july 13, 2010. supervisor chu: public comments? public comments are closed, seeing no one. move without objection. item number three? >> item #3, a citizens advisory
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committee reports. supervisor campos supervisor chu: hello. >> good morning. i have a fairly brief report. there was only one item on the agenda that is also on your agenda, the allocation of funds for five requests. an amended version of this item was approved by a vote of 5-1, as there are only six members that the special meeting. the amended version did not approve the allocation of $80,000 of funds for back to work day referring to the funds be used for capital projects instead. there was considerable discussion on this item. the chair pro tem moved to
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allocate funds for free of the -- three of the projects, including bicycle safety and back to work day, as he feels that bicycle capital improvements are more important than bicycle out reach as a matter of principle and that the city builds bicycle facilities, people will come to use them. out of reach was said to be critical to use the facilities and support the goal of increasing the share of bicycle facilities. staff pointed out that there is a majority of 1.4 $4 million included in the five-year program for the bicycle program for the facilities. explaining that as part of the
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mta program for bicyclist, education and outreach, engineering and enforcement, these are all enforcement -- important. civil facilities are not sufficient. you must educate and encourage their use. glenn davis asked about previous outbreak -- every to efforts and modes for bicyclist and what the sources of the data for the program are. concerns were stated about possible conflicts with bicycles in both planes. there was one public comment from north beach, support of education and enforcement. the chair pro tem said that he had heard from other members who would support bicycle safety
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education and outreach but he had not heard support for a bicycle to work day and moved to support staff recommendations on bicycle safety with the exception of outstanding community work days and directing the funds for bicycle capital projects, which was the amended motion that was approved to fund all of the projects. that concludes my report. if you have any questions i will be happy to answer them. supervisor chu: so, the only component that is different from the staff recommendation is simply approving every project in the allocation? >> correct. supervisor chu: thank you. questions from the committee? are there any members of the public that wish to speak on
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item number three? seeing no one, public comment is closed. >> i would like to speak. supervisor chu: go ahead. [laughter] >> as a member of the public and former bicycle program manager in the city and county of seven cisco, i would like to echo the comments board education outreach enforcement as importance. i was actually looking at the night -- national bicycle safety education curriculum, which states that since the policy is to encourage bicycles as transportation mode, the encouragement program would be considered to be an important part of a comprehensive program.
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i also agree with staff, the amount of money, $80,000, a very small fraction of the total amount of staff majority is going for bicycle facilities. they also pointed out, which i know in my former role as bicycle program manager, it is certainly easy to get funds for these facilities with you safety education outreach issues. i thought it was interesting, the prior cac approved $500,000 unanimously for the san francisco routes to school for safety and education and outreach programs. this amount, which was for education and outreach with pedestrians was six times the amount of the $80,000 for the bicycle to work days.
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in summary i think it is a small amount and it is important to encourage bicyclist to use the facilities. it does not make sense to install them and not encourage people to use them. i wanted to urge you to support the item as originally proposed by staff. supervisor chu: thank you. are there any other members of the public would wish to speak? seeing no one, public comment is closed. thank you very much before the report. item number four? >> item #4, recommended appointment of one member to the citizens advisory committee. supervisor chu: thank you. >> by way of introduction, we have an 11 member committee, seven -- two year terms with individuals appointed to
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vacancies. we currently have one vacancy resulting from the resignation of joy parsons, she moved out of the city. that vacancy is from district 6 and that is what is before you today. the requirements for being a member include speaking of to the interests of qualification for speaking on the committee. page 21 of your packet, you can see the current roster in bold. there will be a vacancy at of district 6 in october of 2010. supervisor chu: thank you very much. i believe that there is an applicant in coming up -- interested in coming up to say a few words?
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>> good morning, commissioners. i am a resident of san francisco and have been one for about 70 years. i lived in district 10. i have been doing community work here for about seven years with the cyrus coalition. some of the work i have done, i will get you copies of the recommendation letters from pastor jones and dr. huntington. during that time i was the point man for bringing that information in moving forward on this difficult project. i am also a recent graduate of the bay area program in their marshall school of business, which is a key for me as far as bringing this experience together as i now have
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understandable policy, planning, and development. what i think i would bring to this committee is working not only with policy, but personalities, getting what we need to try to get done for the betterment of the committee -- community. and if you have any questions. supervisor chu: thank you. any questions from the committee? thank you very much. are there any other applicants that would like to come up and speak to have perhaps not had a chance to present before? thank you very much. i understand that the current vacancy is a vacancy for district 6? >> yes. supervisor chu: from my understanding the district 6 supervisor has not yet weighed in on a preferred applicant. generally we have a number of members with general representation from every district and i think it is the intention of this committee and probably from the eta
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commissioners as a whole to make sure that we continue that practice. although right now there is no vacancy in district 10, i am sure that they will keep you in mind to make sure that in the future if there is an opportunity, she will have your application. perhaps what we can do in this situation is without a recommendation, perhaps ask them to continue to out reach to make sure that there applicants. >> absolutely. supervisor chu: are there any members of the public that wish to provide public comment on this item? seeing no one, public comment is closed. can we continue this item? without objection. item #5. >> item #5, recommended
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allocation of up to $594,076 in crop k funds with conditions for five requests subject to the attached fiscal year cash flow distribution schedules and amendments of the bicycle circulation and safety five-year prioritization program. >> please come to us at any time to make a request for prop k. this item starts on page 26 or so of your packet, but i will walk through the attachments quickly so that you can ask questions from the audience. pages 30 and 31, there is one request for the citation upgrade project and guideways projects. a surprisingly new piece of infrastructure build up in 1982, but out commission in 1985 by a lightning strike, powering
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part of the line and probably not your most exciting project but definitely one that is needed. construction, the funds are already line of and have come back to us for the request. peter cannon made my next part easier, we have three bicycle related requests. bicycle facilities implementation, of reach, and bike to work day. briefly, the bicycle injunction was finally lifted, so included in your packets on page 34 is a list of 22 bicycle capital projects that we plan to submit in the next 12 months, a large portion of which was funded for design by the authority and other sources, including the three projects before you today for which we have asked for
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construction funding. bicycle safety education and outreach is an annual program. this involves a number of materials and education activities, including bicycle safety, things that you have always seen, like the coexist stickers and education and safety tips in multiple languages used to inform both education and capital project activities. peter pan, who i think did a good job summary -- summarizing why it was not recommended by, by would add to what he said, that it is included in the board program and that there are out that many discretionary of virginity is the funds these types of activities and it is rare that brought kay is called
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out as safety eligibility without reach. leaving that component to match the capital. the last one is unusual for the planning department and say for child east community divining plan, you might be familiar with the plan from there to hampshire with streetscape type improvements and construction will stop in 2011. the piece in front of you is a from hampshire to third, and one of the more challenging components is what they call the hairball and it is trying to
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coordinate with a 20-11 time friday -- time frame. without longer-term improvements that will probably be complicated and more expensive. they were declared as not sufficiently budgeted and they ask for about the memorandum of understanding over the scope and we used on call one of the
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questions is on a bicycle implementation being proposed for several projects. and they are project survey to go correct. just to respond a bit to the bike to work day component of this allocation, i know that the proponents had different ideas about the allocation of the funding for that event or the cost of that the thousand this
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that -- this is an annual program and the current class is $80,000 that comes out through mta funding, covering one year of preparations. decent people and it takes a lot of coordination. in short is advertising, and in
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turn riding the bike to work day is a program we have been planning for some time. and it ridgy is now working in the one we have done surveys about things like your or her or her they are serving you bicycle riders, getting them set in place i wanted to comment on
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all the items being proposed for hunting they and this is the key
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encouragement of the year. in terms of doing that, it is important to provide it on the ground and we are excited, getting out on their bicycles. how many people come bell wall -- market street because there adore and in the morning rush-
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hour and the count was done as maria mentioned one month later. 61% of the track indication that this power reaches in his in funding that went into the planning, preparation, and the day of

September 21, 2010 9:30am-10:00am PST

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